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Amphibious BASEpack

The AMPHIBIOUS Dry Equipment with a pleasure present you the frst 100% waterproof backpack (name BASEpack), realized and designed for B.A.S.E. and PARAMOUNTAINEERING sport activity. BASEpack item was builded thanks of collaboration and precious experience in international feld of most of famous BASE JUMPER. Special Design: versatile and reliable protection for your gear. It is compact in the perfect size for PARAMOUNTAINEERING and B.A.S.E. Dry backpack is testing in “Drò zebra wall” and others new Exit B.A.S.E. Waterproof BASEpack the loads will stay far less ,which improves the handing, makes discending a lot of safer and climbing a lot easer. BASEpack is with total dry protected your RIG or any other equipment from water exposure, dust, dirty, humidity. BASEpack style bag designed to carry your essential equipment like the same backpack designed for tracking but material used for waterproof bag. With all comfort enclosed in backpack for tracking but with quality of 100% waterproof backpack garanteed us lightweight and versatile under wing suit or other clothes without to create any problem during the fy. Is it easy to wipe and store.

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Extra Features
  • Užtikrinta kokybė
  • Saugūs mokėjimo metodai
  • Siunčiame į visą pasaulį
  • 14 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija.
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  • Waterproof.
  • Quick-Proof closure system (top or side).
  • Adjustable chest and lumbar support strap for a quick and precise waist regulation.
  • 2 side pockets for a 50 cl. Bottle.
  • 2 front pockets for cellular phone or small snack.
  • Back pocket with semy-dry zip and fap protection ideal for documents.
  • Slim padded with adjustable shoulder straps and back side with Mesh-Transpirant, create for your best comfort during the move on the climbing training wall thanks to thickness and vestiability.



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