Amplifi Cortex Polymer Knee Black



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Amplifi Cortex Polymer Knee Black


 Amplifi  Cortex Polymer Knee Black

The Cortex Polymer Knee combines the high-end SAS-TEC protector and abrasion-resistant ceraspace™ fabric for ultra-tough protection.

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The Cortex Polymer Knee combines the high-end SAS-TEC protector and super-abrasion-resistant schoeller® ceraspace™ fabric. With a seamless pad pocket, super-stretchy Velcro webbing and debossed non-slip hem openings, it’s fully adjustable, extra-durable and super-comfortable. BAM!

Primary Material: 40% Chloroprene Rubber, 20% Polyurethane, 20% Polyester, 15% Nylon, 5% Elastane

– schoeller® ceraspace™:
ceraspace™ by schoeller® of Switzerland is a revolutionary protective fabric technology. Special ceramic particles are firmly attached to the textile as a 3D coating to render it temperature-resistant, water-repellent, flexible, breathable and extremely abrasion-resistant. Only diamonds are harder.

– Neoprene:
Neoprene is a foamed material made ​​from synthetic rubber. It has excellent thermal insulating properties and is flexible over a massive temperature range.

– Power-Webbing:
Power-Webbing is high-quality knitted webbing that gives you flawless performance and functionality in extreme conditions. It meets the highest standards of durability and strength.

– Respiration Mesh:
Respiration Mesh is the standard jersey mesh material for our protection jackets. It’s a super-lightweight, ultra-breathable, 4-way stretch fabric for awesome comfort.

– Non-Stick Velcro:
Non-Stick Velcro is specially designed so that it only sticks to what it’s meant to. It doesn’t get caught on clothing and avoids damage to fabric caused by tearing out fibers.

Created in Germany, SAS-TEC makes industry-standard, built-to-last soft-foam protection. The protectors are lightweight, ventilated, ergonomically designed and washable. Effective against all kinds of impacts, they can also withstand multiple hits.

– Body Map Construction:
Body Map Construction is based on the latest anthropometric and ergonomic data, 3D body scans and advice from top sports scientists and injury specialists.


Flatlock Seams are strong, flexible and keep you chafe-free.

Non-Slip Grip guarantees a perfect fit with extra silicone or embossed foam rubber on hem openings. It also keeps your gear in the right place for maximum comfort and protection.

CE-Certified indicates compliance with the strict CE conformity marking, which is mandatory for certain products in the European Economic Area.


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