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Amplifi Shinobi Neck

Shinobi Neck

Protection from the elements.

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Extra Features
  • Užtikrinta kokybė
  • Saugūs mokėjimo metodai
  • Siunčiame į visą pasaulį
  • 14 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija.
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The AMPLIFI Fuse Pants are full force crash shorts, super comfortable and with unrestricted freedom of movement. Designed for those looking for super light hard shell protection crash pants – these things are bomber, but crazy light. Using super technical, vented fabrics in a unique ergonomic layout, we’re confident that these are the most comfortable hard shell crash shorts on the market.
Material composition: 60% Nylon, 20% EVA, 10% Elastane, 10% Polypropylene

– 4 Angle Mesh:
A very durable and 4 way stretch material which works perfect in areas of high motion without creating unnecessary heat build ups.

– Miharo 6.0 :
The latest innovation in climate control textiles has been developed together with ttri. The basis of MIHARO 6+ is the natural resource of coconut shell fibres. Those fibres have proven to be a leader amongst all other climate control fabrics with their unique characteristics of being a fast growing, renewable source, eco-friendly and a distinguished odor managing function.The blend with Polyester creates a fabric which absorbs odor, is anti-bacterial and works active on moisture regulation for very comfortable and dry.

– Power Webbing:
This high quality knitted webbing is flawless in performance and functionality in extreme conditions. We have put the highest standards in terms of durability and strength to it.


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