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Starboard HyperNut 7’8″ x 30″ Inflatable Deluxe


The Surf inflatable boards come in our new breakthrough Double Chamber Technology which makes the board stiffer and safer than before.

„The new inflatable surf performance boards are super stable and great for a wide range of conditions. You don’t have to be a pro to have fun!” Izzi Gomez, 3 x Stand Up World Tour Champion


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Extra Features
  • Užtikrinta kokybė
  • Saugūs mokėjimo metodai
  • Siunčiame į visą pasaulį
  • 14 dienų pinigų grąžinimo garantija.
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Short length from 7’8″ Makes them easier to manoeuvre and surf steeper waves.
Thinner rails. Provides better control and manoeuvrability.
Additional nose rocker. Limits the nose diving and catching during turns.
An inflatable board that’s dedicated to surf performance.

7’8″ x 30″ Hyper Nut Short length gives easier manoeuvrability to turn in direction of the wave, while the wide nose for nose riding and wide tail for stability when turning.

Target rider: Entry level to experienced paddlers up to 95 kilos that want a board to surf waves.
Key features: New Double chamber Technology increases overall stiffness helping to generate more power and control.

Svoris 20 kg


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Inflatable SUP

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